Titan Clothing Company was started in 2004 as a creative outlet as I watched my friends far exceed my skills in bmx, skateboarding, and music. We aren't about $35 shirts and $90 sweatshirts; we are about the heart and the passion that comes from any form of expression. We've grown up skateboarding, snowboarding, riding bmx, and playing in bands, and the drive to do what you love for no reason other than you love to do it is why this company exists. Titan has been able to exist solely on word of mouth and the support of friends and strangers, and we thank you all for that. So to everyone in the hardcore, bmx, skate, VW and Audi communities, thank you for everything!

Titan Logo Sticker

If you want to get a hold of us, you can email us at info@titanclothingco.com